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Public building PV system

BIPV power generating system of Xiamen Engomy Energy can integrate the solar power over most buildings like flat roofs, pitched roofs, curtain walls, and canopies. It’s a modern photovoltaic power generating technology to achieve reasonable planning on public buildings so as to create value.



Technical Advantage

1.High Building lighting 

Lighting is vital for buildings, which have high requirement on lights. BIPV Buildings adopt double-glass photovoltaic modules made of ultra-white glossy toughened glass, which can achieve specific light transmittance by adjusting the cell configuration, even at the sightseeing place of the buildings. 


2.High Safety Performance

Engomy Energy BIPV Modules can satisfy both requirements of curtain, three-property experiment and building safety performance, that’s why it shall have better mechanical property than ordinary modules, and shall adopt different structures. The glass curtain PV modules adopted in Engomy BIPV buildings are made of toughened glass and PVB films solar cells. The thickness of toughened glass is figured out by strict mechanical calculation in accordance with National Building Code and curtain wall codes. The module PVB film is of good agglutinating performance, ductility and elasticity, which can absorb the impact force. Even if the glass is broken, the fragments will firmly adhere to the PVB film instead of falling off and out to hurt people.

3.Easy Installation

Engomy Energy public building PV systems adopts BIPV modules instead of ordinary toughened glass, but the structure style is quite similar to the traditional glass curtains. This enables the BIPV photovoltaic modules to be assembled flexibly, completely meeting the requirement of easy installation.



1. Application in Building Façade Walls

Engomy PV curtains include semi-transparent and non-transparent curtains, the latter mostly adopt mono-silicon and poly-silicon modules which have higher electricity generating efficiency, and the former mostly adopts amorphous silicon thin film cells which have advantages of high transmittance, low price and easy manufacturing.

2.Application in Building Lighting 

1.Engomy installation team can ensure the installed system angle to be vertical to the solar radiation angle, so as to make the m

2.To use PV modules as the roof components, can also prevent solar light to penetrate the roof, which help to control and adjust indoor temperature and reduce air-conditioning consumption, achieving energy-saving and emission-reduction.

3.Photovoltaic modules, as a kind of new building sunshade components, can also replace the common sunshade materials, enriching the building appearance.  





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