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  • NEWS | Engomy 798.87KW solar photovoltaic has kicked off

    2020-10-08 15:59:14

    Recently, the EPC general contracting project of solar photovoltaic by Engomy has kicked off! According to the field investigation in the early stage of the project, the team used Jinko’s 465-watt high-efficiency monocrystalline component...

  • U-Shaped post mounting

    2020-10-08 15:58:40

    —— U-Shaped post mo u nting Application scenarios —— U-shaped steel is rigid, high stability, suitable for rugged ground —— U-Shaped post mo u nting C haracteristics —— 01 Corrosion resistance: The product components use A...

  • Zn-Mg-Al Ground Mounting Structure

    2020-09-30 17:02:06

    As an important skeleton part for building and supporting PV power systems, the robustness and corrosion resistance of mounting structures are particularly important. Engomy Zn-Mg-Al Ground Mounting Structure is made of materials with Al, M...

  • Solar Tracking System - GL DT 1.0 Horizontal Single-Axis Solar Tracker

    2020-09-22 17:24:30

    Horizontal single-axis solar tracker rotates from east to west throughout the day on a fixed axis which is to make the modules get the right angle for receiving the maximum sunlight sequentially get increase electricity production.Engomy's...

  • Congratulations | Engomy 12.8MW Solar Power Ground Station Successfully Grid-connected.

    2020-09-17 11:21:24

    Recently, Engomy ground solar power plant project, a total installed capacity of 12.8MW in Japan was successfully completed and connected to the grid. The project adopts the aluminum material solution, which has strong guarantees in terms o...

  • Solar Tracker——JG LDH1.0 Linkage Solar Tracking System

    2020-09-16 12:03:44

    Solar tracker system maximizes your solar system’s electricity production. It is used to drive pv modules to accurately follow the sun, which optimizes the angle at which your panels receive solar radiation, utilize the solar energy and i...

  • Introduce of BIPV

    2020-09-09 15:53:52

    Engomy Building Integrated PV System (BIPV) is a PV building integrated system that installs solar PV power generation arrays on the envelope structure or outer surface of a building as a roof or curtain wall and provides electricity; PV ar...

  • Engomy at the SNEC 14th (2020) in Shanghai

    2020-08-10 09:57:39

    Engomy led more than 20 professional RD personnel and business elites to participate in the 14th SNEC August 8, 2020. Our new and old customers, partners, industry experts, and foreign friends visited the booth and showed great interest and...

  • Good news | Engomy passed the intellectual property management system certification

    2020-07-17 09:28:13

    Recently, Engomy won the Intellectual Property Management System Certification, it represents Engomys authoritative certification and high affirmation of the research and development level and manufacturing capabilities of solar mounting ....

  • Exhibition Preview | SNEC 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Ex

    2020-07-09 10:41:23

    Engomy booth number: N1-315 Time: August 8th - 10th, 2020 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center The SNEC 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition Conference jointly organized by 25 internat...

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