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PV industry boom rebounded significantly

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  In order to further improve the management of investor relations, strengthen communication and contact with the majority of investors, effectively improve transparency and governance of listed companies, Ningbo Securities Regulatory Bureau, Ningbo joint Listed Companies Association and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. held "Ningbo Listed Companies investor online collective reception day" activities on 15: 00-17: 00 in Nov 21st, 2013. 

  As a well-known photovoltaic enterprise and China's professional solar photovoltaic industry applications supplier in Ningbo, Oriental Sunrise executives said: " With the stimulation of the national support policies, domestic PV companies improved in the third quarter. The company's third quarterly report show, the company achieved total revenue of 127.09524 million with an increase of 78.94%, and net profit of 50.863 million with an increase of 164.44%. "

  Lin HaiFeng, the Oriental Sunrise’s chairman and general manager, said: Later this year, the photovoltaic industry boom has begun to rebound. China and EU have reached an agreement on the quantity and price of the photovoltaic products exported from China already. The emerging markets, including national needs China, Australia, Japan, Africa, continued strong.

  In addition, the company attaches great importance to product development and technological innovation, to enhance the company's core competitiveness. With many years’ accumulation, the company has possessed a number of patents. In addition, the company laboratory has obtained Conformity Assessment (CNAS) accreditation certificate issued by China National Accreditation Board, with the accreditation criteria for appropriate testing and calibration services to carry out technical capability. Also the company has been recognized by the parties signed a mutual recognition agreement for national and regional accreditation bodies, and can use the CNAS National Lab accreditation mark and ILAC International marks, which enhance the company's product testing and quality competitiveness.

  Recently JunAn Securities released a research report that the photovoltaic industry accelerates warming and Orient Sunrise results better than expected. Junan Securities maintained the overweight rating for the Orient Sunrise, and raised its target price to 12 yuan.

  During the second half of the year, the government has issued many policies relating to distributed PV projects. In July, the State Council promulgated the "Opinions on promoting the healthy development of photovoltaic industry". In August, the National Energy Board issued a document to identify18 distributed photovoltaic demonstration districts in country areas. Then the National Energy Board and the National Development Bank jointly issued "The financial services Opinions to support distributed photovoltaic power generation", and recently the National Energy Board will soon introduce a new policy to support the photovoltaic industry that China will put forward a new total of 12GW in 2014 photovoltaic power generation projects, 4GW for ground projects, the remaining 8GW for distributed.

  Looking into 2014, the company expresses their optimism and will actively participate into the distributed PV projects. The PV industry will boom up and the profitability will recover. 




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