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Engomy | Benefit From Solar Rooftop

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The Chinese government has included promoting the popularization of new energy in the national sustainable development strategy. The use of solar power generation, especially the use of solar rooftop systems has become more and more popular.


The solar rooftop system highly integrates renewable energy technology with existing building space, is a green building energy-saving technology. The use of solar rooftop systems is not only friendly to the environment but also benefits the enterprises:

1.The electricity generated by solar power generation can be directly integrated into the power grid of the enterprise, which can effectively alleviate the use of electricity during the peak period of electricity consumption.


2. The laying of solar panels can effectively reduce the light intensity of the roof of the plant in summer and play a role in heat insulation and cooling. According to data, the average temperature in summer will be 2℃-4℃ lower than that of the normal roof, and the energy consumption of air conditioning will be saved by about 30%-40%!


3. The self-generated electricity used to offset the electricity bill can save cost for enterprises. And through policy subsidies and the purchase price of surplus electricity on the grid, enterprises gain profits and achieve efficiency.


4. The clean energy technology transformed from solar energy to electrical energy can truly achieve energy saving and emission reduction, and help the development of local green economy.

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For enterprises, understanding how to benefit from rooftop solar systems is important in the selection of project partners. Engomy insists on treating each customer with professional, high-quality and lean services. It collects rooftop information in the early stage of the project and combines it with the field survey results. It conducts research on the feasibility, installed capacity, investment income, cooperation mode of solar rooftop construction, etc. Systematic evaluation, designing the best and targeted plan for enterprises, and maximizing the investment income of enterprises!


As an enterprise dedicated in the solar PV industry, while creating its own value, Engomy devotes itself to promote the development of green energy, make effort to ecological environmental protection, and enhance the influence of China's new energy brand, creating higher benefits for the society, as well as contributing more to the human environmental protection.




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